Welcome to the Rezeverse! Alpha 0.2.16

The Rezeverse is a browser based 3D multiplayer chatroom experience and strategy PvP game inspired by mid 2000's MMO's.

Rezeverse is open to all for alpha testing. Expect some bugs, and scroll down to read the latest design notes.

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What can I do in the Rezeverse?

Move around the world with WASD (or your keyboard's equivalent) and change the camera direction with your mouse.

Chat with other players, and fight them to earn coins and experience.

Battle other players by doing /pvp, or battle NPC's!

Collect coins to spend on cosmetics. (They have a beacon of light emitting from them)

Collect and show off items, such as hats. (special hat just for alpha testers!)

  • Climb to the top of the pvp leaderboard!
  • There may or may not be a secret room at the top of the mountain.

    Paid membership for exclusive features (Like skateboards!)

    What's in development?

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    Design Notes

    April 10th, 2022: Alpha 0.2.16

    Alpha 0.2.16

    - Added voice chat back.

    - Upgraded to latest version of the Valoria Network

    April 5th, 2022: Alpha 0.2.15

    Alpha 0.2.15

    - Added faction prototype. Contact HermeticLock on discord to get/join a faction for now.

    - Temporarily disabled voice chats

    March 25th, 2022: Alpha 0.2.14

    Alpha 0.2.14

    - Added voice chat. Hopefully it doesn't suck lol.

    March 4th, 2022: Alpha 0.2.12 - Alpha 0.2.13

    Alpha 0.2.13

    - Made the following balance changes:

    - Made health/energy go up in increments of 2 instead of 1.

    - Made the heal ability improve with intelligence instead of support.

    Alpha 0.2.12

    - Added settings page and ability to logout

    March 3rd, 2022: Alpha 0.2.8 - Alpha 0.2.11

    Alpha 0.2.11

    - Alpha Swords added (design not finalized).

    - You can now equip different weapons in your inventory if you own more than one of any given weapon type.

    Alpha 0.2.10

    - Chat settings added. Use /chat to access these settings.

    Alpha 0.2.9

    - Going into PVP now has a transition instead of an instant jump.

    Alpha 0.2.8

    - Players can now use double strike in battle.

    - Level 5 players with maxed out exp can battle again.

    March 2nd, 2022: Alpha 0.2.7

    Alpha 0.2.7

    - Certain abilities have cooldown times now.

    - Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the first player in a battle from dealing damage.

    - Retraining now costs 50 coins, up from 20.

    - Drastically reduced the amount of xp needed to level up. Will be applied on your next level up, so you might go up 2 or 3 levels!

    March 1st, 2022: Alpha 0.2.5

    Alpha 0.2.5 - Alpha 0.2.6

    - Chat persists across sessions when the page refreshes.

    - Added promo codes, check Sato's menu.

    Feb 24, 2022: Alpha 0.2.4

    Alpha 0.2.4

    - Added all time player wins leaderboard.

    Feb 22, 2022: Alpha 0.2.3

    Alpha 0.2.3

    - Players can battle Sato, the NPC.

    - Fixed a bug that prevented some users from being able to retrain their stats.

    - Multiple players can fight Sato at once now. (This bug at least gave me a great way to make boss fights in the future.)

    - Retraining costs only 20 coins now. (Down from 500)

    Feb 13, 2022: Alpha 0.1.28 - Alpha 0.2.2

    Alpha 0.2.2

    - Added in a pvp button.

    Alpha 0.2.1

    - Players can now view their full inventory.

    Alpha 0.2.0

    - Players can now buy weapons from Sato's shop and use them in battle!

    - With all that's been accomplished to get here, I've bumped the version to alpha 0.2.0! Few more things to go and our official Alpha release will be all set!

    Alpha 0.1.29

    - Added Sato the WeaponSmith to the game.

    - Added Sato's weapon shop. Walk up to Sato in-game to check it out.

    - Added some infrastructure to make adding future NPC's and item shops seamless.

    Alpha 0.1.28

    - Added weapons to stat pages.

    - Retraining now effects your aux and sidearm.

    Feb 12, 2022 Alpha 0.1.24 - Alpha 0.1.27

    Alpha 0.1.27

    - Guns and Bazookas can now be used in battles to deal damage!

    - Added support for different types of attacks. Physical damage attacks, and magical resistance damage attacks. Increase your dexterity to defend against physical damage and increase your intelligence to defend against magical damage.

    Alpha 0.1.26

    - Added the basic sidearm/basic bazooka to the game. These cannot be purchased yet, since I still need to add their abilities/stat modifications to the training system. It's coming soon...

    - Skills you can't use will have a disabled style in pvp. Eg: If you don't have a bazooka, you won't be able to press the bazooka button.

    - Renamed the bazooka to aux, standing for Auxillary, and renamed the gun to Secondary weapon on the stats page.

    - Added functionality that will show a users aux/sidearm when they are in battle

    Alpha 0.1.25

    - Made some changes to how users collect weapons. This is a server change, but it provides the needed infrastructure to have multiple weapon types, and the ability to equip different types of weapons.

    Alpha 0.1.24

    - Skipping a turn will make it the other players turn now.

    - Turns should no longer get desynced.

    Feb 11, 2022: Alpha 0.1.23

    Alpha 0.1.23

    - More than 1 pvp battle can occur at once now.

    Feb 9, 2022: Alpha 0.1.22

    Alpha 0.1.22

    - Players can retrain their stats at any time starting at level 2 for 500 coins.

    Feb 8, 2022: Alpha 0.1.16 - Alpha 0.1.21

    Alpha 0.1.21

    - Users can now level up.

    - When you level up, you can allocate points to different stats.

    - Current level cap is at 5.

    Alpha 0.1.20

    - View yours and your opponnents xp progress inside of battles.

    Alpha 0.1.19

    - View your stats/level outside of battles.

    - See a visual indicator of your level advancement progress.

    Alpha 0.1.18

    - Check other players wins/losses and experience by clicking their level in battle!

    Alpha 0.1.17

    - Players now earn coins/experience for PvPing!

    - Wins/losses are now being tracked.

    - Victory/Loss screens after the fight is over.

    - No level system yet, but once levels are added your exp will count towards it.

    Alpha 0.1.16

    - Players start off with a basic sword.

    Feb 7, 2022: Alpha 0.1.12 - Alpha 0.1.15

    Alpha 0.1.15

    - Players can view player stats by clicking on their level while in battle.

    Alpha 0.1.14

    - Players can now use the heal ability.

    Alpha 0.1.13

    - Added critical hits. They do 1.5x damage.

    Alpha 0.1.12

    - Damage is now shown on strike. There's a chance to block, and damage is varied between 9 and 14, which will be the stats for the basic weapon at level 1.

    Feb 6, 2022: Alpha 0.1.11

    Alpha 0.1.11

    - PvP battles now work with other players. (Nothing crazy yet. Very glitchy, and you can only hit strike)

    Feb 5, 2022: Alpha 0.1.10

    Alpha 0.1.10

    - A little further along on the pvp system. Lot's of work to do here...

    Feb 1, 2022: Alpha 0.1.8 - Alpha 0.1.9

    Alpha 0.1.9

    - Combat is coming, check progress on development by doing /pvp. Afterwards, you'll need to refresh to go back to the spawn area.

    Alpha 0.1.8

    - Jumping actually makes you go higher.

    - Added gravity, version 1 of it at least. It'll only get better from here.

    Jan 31, 2022: Alpha 0.1.6 - Alpha 0.1.7

    Alpha 0.1.7

    - Camera is no longer as shaky when going upwards.

    Alpha 0.1.6

    - Players no longer fall through bridges.

    Jan 30, 2022: Alpha 0.1.0 - Alpha 0.1.5

    Alpha 0.1.4

    - Re-added fight club. You'll have to find the hidden entrance.

    Alpha 0.1.4

    - Added a /help command.

    - Teleporting to players is no longer case sensitive.

    Alpha 0.1.3

    - Added beacon on top of coin.

    Alpha 0.1.2

    - Teleport to players with /tp playername

    Alpha 0.1.1

    - Welcome to the floating island!

    - Type /spawn to go back to spawn.

    - Added collision detection. It's probably very buggy. Let me know.

    - Added coords positioning to top left.

    Alpha 0.1.0

    - The terrain is no longer flat. More to come, and performance improvements to follow.

    Jan 29, 2022: Alpha 0.0.41 - 0.0.42

    - Hold left shift to view online players.

    - Players with higher framerates should move at a comfortable pace now.

    Jan 28, 2022: Alpha 0.0.38 - 0.0.40

    - Added Membership capabilities.

    - Added skateboards

    Jan 27, 2022: Alpha 0.0.34 - 0.0.37

    - Added the Item Shop

    - Added the Alpha Tester Helmet.

    - Players with helmet can toggle it off and on in the add menu. (Click the + button, bottom right)

    - There may or may not be a fight club arena under the nightclub.

    - Getting punched in fight club sends you back to the top.

    Jan 26, 2022: Alpha 0.0.29 - 0.0.33

    - Patched a bug that caused issues loading on mobile devices.

    - Added very basic mobile controls.

    - Fixed a bug that allowed the same user to open multiple instances of rezeverse.

    - Added the nightclub.

    - Added join/leave messages.

    - Added coins!

    - Added a coin hunting minigame.

    Jan 25, 2022: Alpha 0.0.28

    - Users can now create accounts.

    - Different color alerts.

    - Press T to focus into the chatbox.

    Jan 23, 2022: Alpha 0.0.27

    - Added the welcome screen and design notes container.

    - Camera orbits player when turning left and right.

    - After changing the direction via drag, the player will look the direction you dragged.

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    Player Stats

    Health: 60
    Energy: 50
    Strength: 10
    Dexterity: 10
    Intelligence: 10
    Support: 10

    Physical Defense: 5
    Energy Resistance: 5

    Player Weapons

    Primary: Basic Weapon (9 - 14) Physical Damage
    Secondary: None (11 - 16) Physical Damage
    Auxillary: None (13 - 18) Resistance Damage

    Player Statistics

    Wins: 0
    Losses: 0

    Player Abilities


    Description: Restores a players health

    Level 1
    Cost: 26 energy
    Heals 25 health

    Improves with: Intelligence

    Double Strike:

    Description: Hit your oponnent more than once, doing more damage!

    Level: 1
    Cost: 16 energy
    Deals: 33% more damage

    Improves with: Strength


    Description: Increases your dexterity/technology to improve your defense/resistance.

    Level: 1
    Cost: ? energy
    Gives ? dex/intelligence

    Improves with: Support

    Points Remaining: 4

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